So I was reading an article where they were describing the benefits of Tachyon or Tachyonized water and they claimed some interesting things about it. I started researching the topic of Tachyonized water and I found more and more positive things and reviews from people seeing benefits from using it. Here is a post on a forum that also describes nicely the effects of Tachyonized water.

What is Tachyonized water

First of all what is Tachyonized water? Your regular everyday water is treated with a special process of Tachionization that does not alter its chemical composition, but with insertion of tachyons it causes its modification on water subatomic level. Such water has enormous vital potential. This process modifies the water in a way that enables entrance of tachyons into our physical body and thus accelerates detoxification processes, strengthens the immune system and increases bio-energy level. Tachyon water should never be used in a concentrated form. Rather dilute 7-10 drops of pure tachyon water in a glass of ordinary water and consume once or twice a day. Store in cool and dark place.

Research behind Tachyon water

And is there any research behind it? What are researchers saying about it. Researchers around the earth have demonstrated the positive and substantial life-enhancing effects of Tachyonized Water. It is a key component in evolving oneself towards higher levels of vitality and well being. With the Tachyonized Water charging the Subtle Organizing Energy Fields (SOEFs) of every cell in your body, it bypasses the blood-brain barrier, and transforms your whole being into a superconductor, energizing disrupted SOEFs and allowing energy blockages to dissipate. Removing blockages and enabling an optimum energetic system is one of the keys to radiant health and longevity. The increased bioenergetics allows your body to begin a physical and emotional detoxification. As your body clears and balances, it begins to return to its natural state of balance. Because of its effectiveness and lack of side effects, Tachyonized Water can be used for all issues.

Now that I had so much information about it I decided to test it myself. I bought a bottle of Tachyonized water. You should never drink pure Tachyonized water as it is to strong and it will have an overwhelming effect on your body. You should always dilute it with regular water. The Tachyonized water I bought came with a small spoon that you should mix in a large glass of water so dosing it was pretty easy and didn’t cause any problems or doubts about the proper dosage.

My personal experince with Tachyonized water

About ten minutes after I had my first Tachyonized water I felt a little more energised within my body and it stayed that way most of the day (I must say that I am young, fit and pretty energised already all the time, so the effects were probably less potent). So there definitely was some improvement in the way how I felt and I am generally healthy so there is not much space for improvement there.

But then I remembered that it is supposed to lower blood pressure as well and my mother has high blood pressure. I decided my mother should try and use Tachyonized water on herself. She had a similar reaction after the first consummation of Tachyonized water. She said she is feeling better in general and after one week we also measured her blood pressure and it was in fact lower. I cannot say it cured her after one week, but it definitely improved her condition.

My mothers experince with Tachyonized water and her blood pressure condition

So after trying it on myself and my mother I can say that my general feedback is positive and I can see what all the fuzz behind the Tachyonized water is all about. Even my mother’s condition improved and she felt better in general, but I would like to see how it affects us on the longer run. So I will be testing this for a few months more and than update this post with my latest findings.

Please let me know if you or anyone who you personally know had any experience with Tachyonized water and what kind of experience it was. Was it positive negative, a mix of both? Just leave a comment below and let me know about it.


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