So you want to get into Ketosis in 24 hours? This is not as simple as some people think but it certainly is possible.

The other thing is also that everyone reacts differently. Some people enter the state of ketosis faster than others.  People with a higher or faster metabolism will enter ketosis faster, this are the same people that are already thinner so no luck for you if you are more than  just a couple of pounds overweight.

Here is an article that describes what ketosis is on Wikipedia.

And what is the main reason to enter Ketosis as fast as possible?

Well I saw some articles on other websites where they are stating that people want to lose excess fat fast but this is just silly. A couple of hours of difference won’t make any difference to how much weight you lose in one month.

You must be realistic, yes you can lose weight fast on a keto diet but it will not happen over night and first couple of days you will be mostly losing water weight.

No the main reason to enter ketosis fast is because it is not pleasent to be glycogen depleted and not yet be in the state of ketosis. You feel sleepy, without energy, some people even have headaches or mild flu symptoms. However you look at this it is not pleasant until your body starts producing ketones and you can effectively start using fat as the primary energy source. So you want to breakthrough this period as fast as possible and not be stuck in this middle place for days or even weeks.

One other thing I must point out is also that we are talking about being in ketosis and not being fully keto adapted. You enter ketosis when your body starts producing ketones above a specified level, being fully keto adapted means that your body is full adapted to  use fat as your primary energy source and that the production of certain enzymes in your body is fully adapted. This doesn’t happen in one day and it takes about 1 month on average to be fully keto adapted. But we are not looking for this as we just want to end the most unpleasant period and to start losing weight.

One of the things to be aware is we should not to get stressed about this as stress produces cortisol which shuts down your metabolic rate and you will even prolong the entire transition time.

How To Get Into Ketosis In One Day

To know how to get into ketosis as fast as possible we have to know what triggers this state in the first place.

Your body uses the energy source that is the easiest to use, in our case this is glucose. Glucose is just a type of sugar. As our body cannot store glucose as such it stores the extra glucose in form of glycogen that is stored in our liver and muscles. To initiate production of ketones in your body as fast as possible you must deplete your body of glycogen reserves. The best way to do this is a simple 24 hours fast. This will deplete your glycogen stores as fast as possible. If you don’t over eat for dinner or you even skip it all together you will already wake up in state of mild ketosis the next morning due to the overnight fast. Here are also described some signs that you are in Ketosis already.

7 steps to enter ketosis in 24 hours

This one-day fast boosts the entire metabolic pathways and jazzes up the ketone production rates.
But remember one thing before going on a one-day fast. If you have recently consumed a high-carb diet, then going ketogenic right away is not a good idea. Let your body break down the excessive sugars. Once it is done, you are all set to do a ‘keto’!
If you are all set for the fast, go this way!

7 steps to get in ketosis in 24 to 48 hours:

  1. Do a 24h fast
  2. Go to bed early
  3. Do an extensive workout
  4. Break your fast with MCT oil or extra virgin coconut oit
  5. Have a ketogenic dinner
  6. Eat enough nutrients
  7. Shock your body

1. Do a 24h fast
The best time to start a one day fast is in the evening (neither morning nor the night) – preferably, around 6 pm. It won’t make you lose your vital energy during the daytime workouts, nor does it let you sleep with undigested foodstuff in your stomach. Taking late meals and sleeping with undigested food doesn’t allow your body to rest. So the natural healing mechanism of your body fails during the sleep time as the entire resources are busy digesting your food.

2. Go To Bed Early
An early good night’s sleep solely cures many underlying disorders. It keeps your biological clock working in the natural circadian manner. If the rhythm of this bio-clock gets disturbed, you may fall into stress, causing an increased blood sugar level (that you obviously don’t want).
During the sleep time, our body’s metabolism shifts towards the anabolic pathway, turning stress glands off. Hence this is the time for the body to heal all the damages. You also avoid becoming hypercatabolic due to the raised cortisol level.
Moreover, during the initial two hours of sleep, i.e., from 10 pm to 12 am, your body produces  an increased amount of growth hormones that are essential for muscle development.
A sound sleep is highly associated with the dark. Also, studies have proven that our body’s natural defense mechanisms against cancer cells get activated in the absence of light (that’s why sleeping is the best way to natural healing). So turn off all the lights, TV screen, lamps, and all other light emitting devices at least 30 minutes before going to sleep. With this trick, you are actually preparing yourself to fall asleep.

3. Get Involved In An Extensive Workout
Exercise or performing an extensive workout during the day is a perfect way to burn all those glycogen reserves in your body. Performing a HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training is a perfect type of exercise to do this. So, the next morning when you are awake, get set on an intense exercise session (remember, in the morning, not the afternoon). This will keep the cortisol level lowered during the evening when you wish to have some rest.
You don’t need to make a big deal of what kind of workout you should do. All you need to do is to go to a gym, or do any activity that equals a workout. Your goal is to deplete all the glycogen stored within your body quickly. So even a longer fast paced walk is a good workout to achieve our goal.

4. Break Your Fast With high quality fats such as MCT or coconut oil
Now that you have fasted for quite a long time, you can break your fast at around 4 to 5 pm. Try having some good fat for this purpose, such as coconut oil or MCT oil, butter, or any other healthy fat. MCT oil might come in as a better option in this case since it gets quickly absorbed by the body. It swiftly bypasses the gallbladder and reaches the liver where it is transformed to ketones rapidly.
If MCT isn’t available, using coconut oil would also do the trick. It is also a mild triglyceride that is, approximately, 60% of MCT and is also readily available at the stores. The only thing to look for is that the coconut oil should not be processed, i.e., either choose the ‘extra virgin’ oil or the ‘organic’ one.
You may wonder why we are emphasizing on using these specific oils. Well, this is because the extra virgin oil is an unprocessed form, and contains lauric acid that is antimicrobial in nature and is good for brain health. (This is the same lauric acid that is naturally found in breast milk as well.) Its antibacterial property also indirectly supports the growth of Candida that keep your gut healthy.
So, what you need to do is to take 3 to 4 tablespoons of any of such healthy oils at around 4 to 5 pm to break your fast. Then, take the same amount of fats after an hour before dinner.

Our recommended MCT oil 

5. A ‘Huge Breakfast’ Instead Of Dinner
For persons who are new to the ‘keto’ world, having breakfast for dinner is beneficial. Moreover, it is convenient as well, since you are not familiar with the various keto food recipes.
So, have around 6 to 12 eggs, a half or a single piece of meat/bacon, or try some sausages with spinach (around two cups). Add around 2 to 3 tablespoons of butter to the eggs and the spinach. And, your meal is ready!
By doing so, we are not aiming to overeat, but instead, to become full. We cannot risk our energy level at any time.
During the entire regime, make sure to monitor your stress level and ensure that you are getting adequate quality sleep.
This is how you get adapted to ketosis. Once you become habitual, you will see immediate results.

6. Eat your nutrients
I noticed for myself that it helps if I add some highly nutritional foods to my diet before I go into ketogenic diet. Adding minerals and vitamins will aid your body in this difficult process and on top of that if you have a deficiency of some sort you will be even more hungry and it will make your transition more difficult, so why make it harder on your self if you can just add some leafy greens to your diet.

For example, have a big bowl of green salad, and add some avocado and cooked eggs. You can add some grated carrots and beetroots to it for more flavour and vitamins. For salad I would choose spinach and wild rocked.

7. You have to put your body in fight or flight mode
You must realise that our bodies are lazy and switching to a new energy source means hard work, that means that your body will not do this easily and you basically have to force it. One way to speed up this process is to put your body into fight or flight mode. My preferred  controlled exercise to do this is to have a high intensity workout followed immediately by a  cold shower.  I am describing it in the article to go slowly, but in this case it will actually be beneficial if you can force your self to go straight into a cold shower and try to stay there at least 2 minutes. One of the benefits of this that your body will produce the hormone noradrenaline. Obviously this is something for people in perfect health. Please advice your doctor before you want to take cold showers.


To recap, take a 24h fast, go low-carb or completely skip you evening meal, go to bed early, depleat your body of your of glycogen, break your fast with high quality fats such as MCT oil. If you are healthy go crazy with your workout and finish off with a cold shower.

I hope this article gave you the information you looked for, if you have any additional question just feel free to put a comment bellow.


I am happy father of two and a health and fitness enthusiast.

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