How to find out what is your passion and you want to do in your life is one of the hardest things to figure out in your life.

It is not easy, period.

There is no quick way or magic formula that would tell you “your passion is to be an astronaut”.

Some people are extremely lucky to figure this out for themselves early in their lives. Some people just know and they pursue the same goal from early ages and if they put in the hard work they eventually get to where they want to be.

The reality for most people however is different, most people don’t know exactly what they want to do and what exactly is their passion.

Just to clarify, I am not talking about passion for video games but passion for doing something productive that can also be a valid career choice.

And yes playing video games is a valid career choice for some people, but the number of those people is really really small and they have to extremely good at it. Being so extremely good means that they are probably highly gifted, have put enormous amounts of effort in it since they were young and they probably also had a bit of luck.

For most of us that is not feasible. And we need something more realistic as there cannot be 7 billion people living from playing video games, or playing soccer or tennis.

But before I dive deeper into how to identify your passion let’s discuss why I think finding out your passion is important in your life.

Most people are not happy with their lives and the career they have. Why is that?

adventure climbMost feel that their work is not fulfilling them, for them their job is just a way to get a paycheck at the end of the month. They don’t like to do the job they are doing but they still do it because they need to pay the bills.

And than on the other side you have the people that are highly successful, make tons of money and genuinely enjoy what they are doing. They wake up every morning excited to do the work for that day, they don’t feel that tired when the finish work in the evening and are much happier in general.

What is the difference between this two types of people?

The first group is just doing their job and the second is living their passion. Now obviously there are different degrees of passion and there are many levels of disliking your job. Some people genuinely hate their work, some find it OK and some just straight love it, and there is an infinite amount of shades in between.

And some people even know what their passion is but they admit that their passion would never be able to pay for their bills, so they have no other option, and this is not that uncommon.

The thing is that in today’s world there is an infinite amount of possibilities how to turn your passion into your profession, you just need to have an open mind and maybe take some compromises.

If you like to play video games, maybe you could become a video game developer, video game designer or video game tester. Yes it is not as amusing as playing video games but it is close enough and some of this jobs can be extremely well paid.

Maybe you are really passionate about one of the top popular sports on the world?

One thing that is common  across every industry is that the better you are in something more money you can make. And let me tell you something, it is much easier to get good in something you are passionate about than getting good in something you hate doing.

Even the less pleasant chores become easier if the end result is something you are passionate about.

It is easier to get good in something you enjoy doing but it is probably the same for most other people in your field so you will have to get even better if you want to stand out of the crowd. The good thing about is that you are still doing something you love and this will give you more energy and you will fill a greater sense of accomplishment.

So yes you will have to put some sweat and hard work into it if you want to make it happen, but I guarantee you that it sure makes more sense than investing time into something you know you don’t want  to be doing your entire life and doesn’t make you happy.

I come from a software engineering background and I know many well paid engineers that work for banks (banks pay the highest rates) and I know first hand that they are not happy individuals. Even if their passion is software development, working in a corporate bank environment just crushes your soul. There probably are  rare exceptions who genuinely enjoy working for banks and big corporations but I haven’t met them yet.

So unless you enjoy at least a part of  what you are doing or is paid exceptionally well  and you know you will be doing it just for a limited amount of time, please don’t waste your time doing something you hate. Working in an environment like that produces stress and stress is  actually one of the bigger sources of different health issues.

What good is all this money if you get ill. Some of the people I know spend obscene amounts of money just to have that short period of happiness that they can’t find anywhere else. So the do the work they hate, to get the money they don’t actually need, just to spend it on things they  absolutely don’t need, to fill the void for a brief moment. Where is the logic here?

To get to the main point of this article. How to find out what you are good in, what your passion is and what would make you happy. Until recently my answer to this would be, “Ask yourself what you would do if you didn’t have to  work for money, what would you do if you had 10 mil on your bank account?”. While this is still valid and is definitely not wrong it still doesn’t help that much.

Another answer I had was, that whatever you do in your free time all the time even if you are tired should give you a close estimate at where your passion lies.

While both of this statements are valid they don’t help you figure out what your actual passion is. They are too vague and too broad. What if you are just watching TV shows all the time and you would keep watching them  even if you had 10 mil on your bank account?

This method fails in most scenarios and is not that helpful.

Eliminate what you are not passionate about and you will find what you ARE passionate about

There is no way to say what your passion is just by asking yourself, but there definitely is a way to tell what your passion is not. The only way to find out what your passion is is to eliminate what your passion is not. This is not a quick way but it is a sure way to get to your goal.You might be lucky and find your passion fast or you might need to try out several things before you identify what your passion is.

But from my experience this is the only way you will eventually get there.

If we look at it from another perspective. There are 100 stones and under one stone there lies hidden your passion. It is impossible to  figure out under which stone it is as you cannot see what is beneath it. Some stones might look more and some less prity. But you will never know until you turn the stone around. So the only logical way is that you have to turn around as many stones as you need to find it.

How do you know that you would like to do something until you tried it? But in most cases you can assess if you would not like to do something. For example I know that I could never be surgeon or dentist as I would find it very difficult to work with blood.

In order to find out who you really are you must remove everything who you are not, only then you will truly find yourself.