So there is an ongoing debate on benefits of vaccines compared to side effects. While this is a hugely complex and delicate topic there is also this massive divide between opponents and supporters of mandatory vaccination.

The main problem I see is that while there are proven benefits of vaccines and also well known side effects who no one denies, it is difficult to quantify both sides. How would you even start.

While no one is debating that one vaccine has beneficial effects on preventing the disease it is made for, there are several concerns of side effects specially when combining multiple vaccines. Do the harmful side effects compound? Are there any double blind studies done that take this into consideration?

What if I told you, that there actually is an ongoing long term study done all around the world. Every nation has their vaccination schedules and there are public data on many health aspects of people and children.

Let’s take US for example, US is a federal republic with 50 states. States have different laws about their vaccine schedule and also different levels of enforcement. There are states where exemptions are almost non existing and states where they are quite common.

So let’s start with the state of Mississippi as it has the highest vaccination rate among all of the federal states in US.

Mississippi reaches an astonishing 99.4% vaccine coverage in children. Surely one would expect that the children would score high in general health markers if we want to believe that vaccines are beneficial right? As it turns out the state of Mississippi is on the first spot for child mortality under the age of 5, which is the exact opposite of what you would expect. It also ranks very poorly on almost any other health chart.

On other hand states with a much lover vaccination rates score much better. Colorado for example has only half as many deaths in children under 5 years as Mississippi and has a vaccination rate of 87.3%. It is among states with lowest mortality rate in US.

Now people will say, yes statistics can have weird correlations and you can find patterns everywhere. OK it might be possible for one state to be on the first spot for vaccinations and on the last for child mortality, but if we look at the data we see that there is a strong correlation between all states. The higher the vaccination rate the higher the mortality rate.

We can take this even further to prove that it is not just a statistical fluke.

US has the highest number of mandatory vaccines among 34 most developed countries on the world. We cannot compare numbers to 3rd world countries as the lack even the basic medical resources and children die there from malnutrition.

Ok so we know that US is leading with vaccines, and we also know that US has an amazing medical service and spends most money on medical services on the world, so child mortality should be lower than in other countries right?

Completely wrong, US has is on the number one spot for child mortality under the age of 5. So even states as Colorado have a much higher child mortality than Singapore for example, in fact it has more than double number of Singapore. But Singapore also has only half of mandatory vaccines compared to US.

So remind me again how do we help our children with vaccines if children with a smaller number of given vaccines are healthier. One could say that this study has more than a billion people for statistical purposes, which makes it really hard to dispute.

This is not my opinion, this are all facts derived from government published data and anyone can have a look at it. And this are also not some insignificant numbers in terms of difference. Mississippi has almost 5 times more child deaths compared to Singapore, and Singapore is surrounded by many poorer countries with poorer medical services, where Mississippi is surrounded by other US states.

I am not a doctor, but I know how to read data, and I trust data, I don’t however trust biased studies performed by the very own companies who produce vaccines. There is a very strong conflict of interest here.

And to say it again, I am not claiming that vaccines do not work, I agree that they are very useful for preventing dangerous diseases, however a lot of the diseases we are vaccinating for are not that dangerous with the level of medical services we enjoy today, and also the negative effects of vaccines seem to be cumulative, which means that receiving one vaccines is not particularly dangerous but receiving 90 shots cannot be good.

I am not for removing vaccines all together, all I am saying is, we need to rethink which vaccines are worth the risk and reduce the ones for less risky diseases. This way the average child will be less hammered with the negative side effects but will still receive protection for most dangerous diseases.


I am happy father of two and a health and fitness enthusiast.

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