First thing that you need to understand if you want to become a good leader is that Success or Disappointment is created more by the mental attitude than by the mental capability. There’s a valid reason that only 5% of people do good and 95% will not. That valid reason is not natural talent, money or “being at the right spot at the right time.” The reason is attitude. Only with a leader’s attitude can you get the actual outcome you will seek and keep your position as a leader.

Everything functions around the law of cause and effect. Achieving success is assured if we live in the proper way. Good attitude = Good result, fair attitude = fair outcome, and lousy attitude = lousy outcome. If you are not closing enough sales, keep on trying until you get the results you are looking for. If you find some good out of it, even if it’s just a lesson learned not to ever stop trying, your result will likely be that you’re obtaining some thing beneficial for your lost time.

All of us design our very own life based upon our attitude, and that decides life’s attitude towards us. Start with concentrating on getting an optimistic view of your self. Most people cannot give to other people what we do not have. We have been so familiar with ourselves that many of us become our personal worst type of critic. Once you achieve a goal, pat your self on the actual back and realize that not everyone can perform what you do. Many people are able, but don’t have the drive to take advantage of their own undeveloped leadership potential. The actual drive derives from understanding that you can do it because you possess a positive attitude.

If we find a person performing an outstanding job and acquiring outstanding results, you find a man or woman having a positive attitude of a leader. They each expect more good out of life than lousy, nonetheless they do expect to fall short in the process. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t be leaders and they would not allow every obstacle stop them from thinking optimistically. The environment is usually a mirror of our mental attitude. If we do not like what we see, we must improve our way of thinking before we can improve anything else.

The simplest way to practice developing an attitude of a leader will be by walking, acting and looking as if we are part of a group of positive thinkers. Actions trigger feelings, just as feelings trigger attitudes. Try to look for good and exciting aspects of something that may possibly bother or perhaps anger you. Life can be uninteresting and annoying only to those who are dull along with bad. When you can discover some thing interesting in whatever you see and everybody most people meet up with, life gets interesting and your attitude is going to modify. A person must look, act and feel successful before they will achieve success.
For your next 30 days, act toward the world by having an attitude of a leader which represents the kind of good results you desire to achieve. Should someone turns you down after a business briefing, simply just continue to the next realizing that you are getting closer to someone who will prefer to join you. Don’t burn bridges simply because even those who say “no” now may possibly say “yes” when they are ready. Treat everybody with admiration in addition to respect, just like you would want to be treated by them. People with positive attitudes naturally ascend to the top because they will eventually attract exactly what they get, regardless of the total number of times they be unsuccessful.

As we go through the leadership and development series, I will be going through all of the various mindsets, principles & habits of successful people, as well as the substantial skills you can cultivate so you can take what you learn here and use it out in the real world.

Leadership and Development Principle: The more we see, the more options are accessible to us.

Since the beginning, humanity has always been on a consistent journey to strengthen comprehension about our surroundings so we can make smarter decisions, we have even found ways to craft tools so we can catch a glimpse of more of what is available to us, from using hot-air balloons in the Civil War, to satellites used today. As technology has moved forward, so has the capability to see things from a different, elevated perspective.

Just like when you are fighting with a set of circumstances, simply taking a step back and observing the problem from another point of view can be enough to help change your belief to a higher state of mind. It’s challenging to find a way around a brick wall when it is literally 3 inches in front of your face. All you have to do, if it’s possible at the moment, back up from it. Detach yourself from the situation for a moment and let your mind rest & come up for air. Just allowing your mind to refresh will allow you to see all kinds of different possibilities that you couldn’t see before.

At the same time, using this simple leadership and development technique can also cause us to really think about what we’re really trying to accomplish, and possibly reassess if where we’re going is really a good place to be. This can be an a-ha moment that can help you correct course or move on to a more valuable goal.

Heroes become heroes because they learn to look at situations from an elevated point of view. This helps them to find new solutions to old problems, and alternative paths instead of dead ends. Do just this, and you will find a way to your destination where before there were only dead ends. There multiple paths to your goal. Through creativity, patience and persistence you will find a way to bring your goal into reality.

Leadership and Development Principle: Persistence Conquers All

“Never give in. Never. Never. Never. Never.” -Winston Churchill

Make an unswerving choice to refuse to cede. When you keep going no matter what, life has a tendency to celebrate our decision by meeting us halfway. New opportunities seem to appear out of thin air. Things we never saw before spring to life.

You may possibly get refused 1,009 times, but if you stay unswerving in your vision, your goals & dreams ultimately someone will say yes to you. and then another, and then another. You can win merely by refusing to give in.

You may have a multimillion dollar thought floating around between your ears, and what will at the end of the day make that idea come to life is your resolved determination to see your dream through to the end, and keep working until you get what you want. Sheer determination makes or breaks us.

What will you see when you learn to see through the eyes of heroes?

Leadership and development is absolutely crucial in developing the mindset and habits of a successful leader, regardless of what field you choose to devote yourself. It can also be a daunting task if you don’t know where you need to start to receive this training. Click on the following link to gain full access to a leadership and development system complete with a step by step method of generating leads for your new business.

Do you have what it takes to become a leader?

Have you heard that leaders are made NOT born? Well it’s true. You have seen instances where people step up to the plate and take charge in an unexpected way. You’ve seen people improve to the top out of NOWHERE. If you fancy to become a leader and you aren’t already one, don’t worry, you can do it. Before we go on with, if you are in a “leadership position” that DOES NOT mean you are a leader, YET. There are some things you will need to become versed in before you are exactly a leader. Dale Carnegie broke it down into a few easy categories.

Fundamental Techniques in Handling People
Ways to Make People Like You
Ways to Win People To Your Way of Thinking
Become A LeaderIf you fancy to become a leader you must learn how to do each one of the categories. We’ll break it down for you so by the end of this paper you will apprehend what it takes to become a leader. (It won’t make you a leader, but it will show you what you have to do to become a leader)


A true leader knows how to take care of people in ANY situation. If someone were to do something that you wanted them to do BUT they didn’t do it completely right, how would you handle it? Would you blame, disapprove, or grumble about? If so then you must to become versed to NOT do those things. A true leader gives honest and sincere appreciation. Leaders DON’T chide, disapprove, or grumble about. Using the same scenario, if someone did something I wanted them to do but not 100% correct, I would recite how well they did one piece of it but they could have made better on another part. The code is to NOT look all on their faults. I mean after all we are human. Leaders handle people in a way where they WANT to do what you say. You shouldn’t have to force them to do anything.

You’ve probably observed that when a “leader” walks into a room, EVERYONE tends to be pulled towards them. That is because leaders have such an attractiveness about them that people will like them right away. Thats why you need apprehend how to make people adore you. In order to do that you have to become Sincerely interested in the other person. If you aren’t kind they will be able to see right through it. Distinguish how leaders are always smiling? Thats because no one likes being around a bunch of negative people. Leaders are AMAZING listeners, so if you are to become a leader, Begin LISTENING. I’ve always heard that we have two ears and one mouth for a reason. We should use them accurately. When you talk to a leader you will perceive how important you appear. That is because if you didn’t feel important, what they have to say would mean NOTHING to you. To become a leader we must peak peoples’ interests by talking about what they desire to talk about!

If I were to argue with a “leader” they would NEVER tell me I’m not right or that my point of view is dumb. EVERYONE is entitled to their own point of view. Just because it doesn’t match up with what yours is doesn’t make it awful. Leaders will be the FIRST to acknowledge they have made a mistake. Never attempt to blame the other person. That will just make people dislike you. When you ask someone a question and they answer “yes” a lot, the result is usually a positive one. Ask the other person “yes” questions. Listen more than you talk. If I want to become a leader I will “SEEK TO UNDERSTAND BEFORE SEEKING TO BE UNDERSTOOD”. I can’t emphasize that enough.

If you want to evolve people without offending them you must give acclamation and honest recognition of worth and talk about peoples’ mistakes indirectly. If you have become a leader you would ask instead of tell. You would also praise EVERY advancement and refrain or stay away from pointing out mistakes. A leader encourages others that they can do fitter. They would never bring someone down! If I were to want you to do something I would make you happy about what I suggest by showing you how it can benefit YOU! I would NOT say “Do this so I look good” I would say “You can do that so you have an opportunity to go further” ENCOURAGE! ENCOURAGE! ENCOURAGE!

Become A Leader
Now its up to you whether you become a leader or not. I would recommend reading Dale Carnegies softcover How To Win Friends and Influence People! It is THE book about leadership. Don’t worry you can become a leader in no time!

5 Rules For The Leader To Follow

1. The Leader must aspire for more than what they have!

What is the point of entering the internet marketing scene if you don’t want to improve you standard of living, make life long friends and grow as a person? If you don’t want these 3, then don’t bother. If you don’t have a dream of what you would like your life to be like, get 1! Dreams are the beginnings of success.

2. Your mindset must be superior to your subordinates.

Your subordinates will constantly study you. They will train to be like you, or be better than you. You need to be level headed at all times. You need to portray a stable footing, even when you have no idea what is going on. Your confidence will inspire respect amongst your team and give you a boost. Never be negative. Even when you are administering some constructive criticism, always end on a positive note.

3. Always take responsibility for any mistakes you make.

Honesty is a quality that is second to none. If you are always honest with your subordinates and impress upon them the fact you always want them to be honest with you, you can often head off any problems before they get to big. If something doesn’t go as planned then sit down and go through what you did and look for ways to improve it. In the military they use what is known as an after action review. Everyone brings up things they should sustain, things to improve and ways to fix it.

4. Make a Decision!

In the choice between doing nothing or doing something, doing something always wins. Being indecisive is a major pitfall that will bring anyone in a supervisor position unstuck. People loose confidence with you if you are unable to make a decision, or become flustered when you don’t know what to do. If you don’t know what to do, ask your supervisor. They may have had relevant experiences that they can share with you to help you out! In business you need to be willing to take risks and chances. Sometimes if you remain stagnant, your competition will take advantage of this and you will come off second best.

5. Put your subordinates first!

If you are selfish and won’t help your own team you wont make a single cent! Every day, go out of your way to help those in your downline! They are the ones that will bring you success, every time you help them, you are helping yourself. Sometimes we all get greedy and don’t want to share something because of fear that we will no longer benefit from it. This is the worst possible attitude to have! Share everything you learn. Treat your people as they deserve to be treated and this alone will skyrocket your profits.


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