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Apr 2017

SEO Domination review

SEO Domination is a London based company with many global projects and clients. They are one of the top SEO Consultant company in London. We had the honour of working with them and I must say they are 100% professional and know exactly what they are doing. They never disclose their plan in 100% but they give you a glimpse of what they are doing so you don’t get the feeling that they don’t do anything. And it is exactly the opposite, the work they do is amazing, or at least the results of their work. They obviously know exactly how Google ranks web pages as there ranking performance works like a swiss clock. From the day 1 I started working with them I could see how professional they are. They left nothing to chance and asked me a ton of questions no other SEO company asked me before. Not only did they help me amplify my customer base, but they have truly impressed my business overall. I haven’t worked with an SEO firm that’s been this structured and organized before. A quote from their website: “Unfortunately, most SEO companies have no idea what they are doing, and will probably do more damage to the presence of your website than good by doing low quality and random SEO. At Blink SEO we treat SEO as science and we know exactly what we are doing. Our results have proven it time and time again. Let us give you the same blueprint service that...


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