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I want to become a Leader! The Positive Attitude Of A Leader


May 2016

I want to become a Leader! The Positive Attitude Of A Leader

First thing that you need to understand if you want to become a good leader is that Success or Disappointment is created more by the mental attitude than by the mental capability. There’s a valid reason that only 5% of people do good and 95% will not. That valid reason is not natural talent, money or “being at the right spot at the right time.” The reason is attitude. Only with a leader’s attitude can you get the actual outcome you will seek and keep your position as a leader. Everything functions around the law of cause and effect. Achieving success is assured if we live in the proper way. Good attitude = Good result, fair attitude = fair outcome, and lousy attitude = lousy outcome. If you are not closing enough sales, keep on trying until you get the results you are looking for. If you find some good out of it, even if it’s just a lesson learned not to ever stop trying, your result will likely be that you’re obtaining some thing beneficial for your lost time. All of us design our very own life based upon our attitude, and that decides life’s attitude towards us. Start with concentrating on getting an optimistic view of your self. Most people cannot give to other people what we do not have. We have been so familiar with ourselves that many of us become our personal worst type of critic. Once you achieve a goal, pat your self on the...


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